Service Concept
As your partner, we will provide you with independent services, according to your special as long as the development of professional and personalized solutions, can help you reduce risk, simplify the process, quickly and efficiently solve problems.
Four Service Criteria
Choose Bigprobe products, you will enjoy the product experience of high quality hills, our products are produced through strict procedures, we are committed to enjoy at least one-year warranty service, during the warranty period, we also promise to use only the original equipment manufacturers (OEM) to replace parts. Professional and technical personnel will serve you throughout.
We provide the world's leading non-destructive inspection services, products in manufacturing and transportation will check the status and weight of trade goods, help control the quantity and quality, to meet all relevant regulatory requirements of different regions and markets.
Products have passed various certifications. We can prove to you whether your products, processes, systems or services conform to national and international standards, norms or customer-defined standards.
We ensure that products and services comply with global standards and local regulations. By combining global coverage with local knowledge, unparalleled experience and expertise in almost every industry, BigProbe covers the entire supply chain from raw materials to final consumption.
Customer First Comprehensive Supporting Services

We always focus on the expectations of customers and society to provide market-leading services when they need them. We can provide a complete set of supporting measures about phased array detection, such as coupling agent, wedge, various connectors, phased array detector,etc., one-stop solution to give you a high-quality purchase experience.
We are leading the way in providing professional business solutions to help customers survive in an increasingly standardized world. Our independent services can add important value to customer operations and ensure business sustainability.

Service Concept of Sustainable Development

In addition to providing services to promote sustainable development, our value is also reflected in our commitment to the sustainable development of enterprises. For us, sustainable development means not only managing long-term profitable businesses to achieve the common ground of partners, but also considering the impact of products on the environment, society and economy to achieve sustainable development in all aspects.