High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe Inspection,Industry Information
Industry Information
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High density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe Inspection
Industry Information

            High density polyethylene (PE) pipeline has the characteristics of light weight, long service life, safety and convenience, etc., and fused
HDPE pipeline overcomes the shortcomings of bonding and threaded connection,
which is generally recommended for the industrial field.
Therefore,  HDPE pipe weld detection has also become a hot topic.

         Currently, there are two methods to detect HDPE pipelines,
TOFD and phased array, both of which require the use of proprietary
water injection wedges for local water coupling

 A phased array probe was used to detect the results of HDPE pipeline.  The defects occur and the bottom wave is blocked


             A phased array probe is used to test the hot melt tube. HDPE pipe welding is a butt weld without groove, so the non-fused defect
signal  is displayed in the vertical direction.

          By using TOFD to detect the PE tube, obvious defect signals can be seen in the TOFD image. Moreover, the signal of the upper
endpoint (opposite to the phase of the straight wave) produces obvious disturbance to the bottom wave, and it is judged that the ground
opening type is not fused.

By using TOFD tech, three different slag inclusion test results were found in the weld.

        Unfused defects in PE pipes can be detected by using ultrasonic phased array technology.TOFD combined with phased array
technologycan be used to detect all kinds of comprehensive defects, especially TOFD has a strong ability to detect vertically
unfused defects.

                   2.5Mhz TOFD Probe                                                        Pipeline phased array probe