Three scanning modes of phased array,Industry Information
Industry Information
BigProbe has been adhering to the corporate culture of "honesty, cooperation and excellence" for many years. It has established a professional laboratory testing center. At present, it has advanced equipment such as non-destructive testing phased array pr
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Three scanning modes of phased array
Industry Information

           Phased array inspection is getting more and more attention due to its efficient defect detection effect. Phased array inspection can accomplish tasks
that conventional ultrasound cannot, and the
working speed of inspectors is greatly improved, which is inseparable from its design principle.

            Whereas UT probes cannot make sound waves scan at different refraction angles, phased array probes can scan in three ways
(linear scan, sector
ial scan, and focused scan)

    Three scanning modes of phased array

          Phased array probe can increase the penetration of the acoustic beam through linear scanning, or detect the whole workpiece to be detected
without moving the workpiece by sectorial scanning, and can also detect objects with complicated surface or narrow space.
The small size and high
flexibility of the
phased array probes have been one of the most popular detection methods. As the original manufacturer of phased array probes,
BIGPROBE can provide users with a variety of high-quality and inexpensive
UT and phased array probes.Please contact us at WWW.BIGPROBE.COM.